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If you’re a SaaS startup needing the power of a proven Sales Team without the hassle of doing it yourself — we can help


Imagine what your software could be if you spent all your time developing your next release and zero time on sales and marketing?

We are your SaaS focused Sales and Marketing Team "As a Service" for a fraction of the cost of hiring and managing it yourself.

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Cost Structure that Works

Building a sales and digital marketing team the right way is expensive. We make it affordable for you to get what you need when you need it at a fraction of the cost through low monthly retainers and commission on sales -- just like you'd pay an internal team.

The Expertise You Need

You build amazing technology -- we’ve already built an amazing sales and marketing team. We learn your offering, build a plan, and execute to get you more customers and more time to focus on what you're great at -- your technology and running your business.

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The Power to Compete

Getting started is hard! Your competition is bigger, more funded, and more established than you. We are experts at helping David whoop up on Goliath through the most modern approaches to marketing and sales. Our team is making sales calls before your competitors have their first cup of coffee.


Our Story

 Josh Mastel, Founder of Uproar Partners

Josh Mastel, Founder of Uproar Partners


“I was shocked by the amount of technology founders out there who had used their craft to develop amazing technology but found themselves stressed, frustrated, and even hopeless when it came time to take their product to market and grow their customer base. So, I took my decade of experience in building high performing technology Sales Teams and scoured the country searching for and developing the best sales and marketing strategies, tools, and people to effectively serve the SaaS industry. We ended up with a world class team armed with the sole mission of giving SaaS Founders the power of a world class sales and marketing team without the hassle of having to build and manage it themselves. Our goal is to allow technology founders to focus on their technology, and sleep good at night knowing that they have a world class sales team selling their products with the same passion they have for building them.”

“We’ve had the privilege of working with SaaS companies of all sizes across the country. We become really invested in the organizations we work with —whether they need us to hunt down their first customers, help them get their MRR to a point that they can raise their next round of funding, or just go get them the piece of market share they deserve. We’ve been honored in being recognized and features by publications like Inc. Magazine, YEC, Thrive Global, and various press releases.”


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