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When a startup has convinced investors that their product or service is or can be great enough--and that the problem they're trying to solve is important enough--that those investors actually invest, why does it still have a 75% chance of failing?

The answer is this: failure to properly execute a go-to-market strategy. They don't market and sell fast enough to grow fast enough to beat the competition. Period.

Poor sales rather than bad product is the most common cause of failure.
— Peter Thiel in Zero to One

Unfortunately for many brilliant founders and teams, sales and marketing present completely different challenges and require completely different skills than building software, creating service offerings, or other product-related tasks. 

This results in a gap in execution that causes beautiful products and business ideas to die.

Even the personalities of the people who are good at developing products is often the opposite of those that are good at selling and marketing those products.

The Solution

The way to fix this is conceptually simple, yet complex to execute in practice. You have to have a system and a process for taking an idea to market, scaling up teams of sales and marketing people, and cultivating a culture on that side of the equation for long term performance and resilience.

That's what we do.

Our mission is ‘You nail the product, we’ll own the go-to-market strategy and execution. You build it—we’ll sell it.’”
— Josh Mastel, CEO of UpRoar Partners

The beauty of our approach is that we're also extremely cost-effective because of our focus and fractional model. This is all we do. Instead of having to go out and spend a lot of money to hire a sales leader who hopefully has relevant experience and can make things happen, we already have that knowledge transformed into a turn-key program.

With UpRoar Partners, your product or service will quickly create an uproar in the marketplace and bring in the much-needed customers and cash.

We win where no one else can because this is all we do. Our founders are sales leaders with a background of building and scaling sales and marketing teams from the ground up, and bringing our knowledge to start ups with a proven program is perfect fit.

Our difference is in our spirit. All our people are here because of these 6 intangible qualities that shape our culture and our interaction with customers and the world:

  • attitude of success
  • positivity
  • passion for growth
  • taking initiative
  • grit
  • self-motivation

So, what can you expect when you set up that phone call with us?

You'll get in-person, up-front work to define key messaging and ensure key documents and processes are in place to interface our sales and marketing teams with your product team.

Once the stage is set, we'll begin firing on all cylinders--kicking down doors with smart prospecting combinations, bringing in hot leads, closing deals, and following through to the finish line, no matter what your goals for growth might be.

Ready to talk? Click the button below or send an email to letshunt@uproarpartners.com to get the process started.

Remember, everyone wants to eat--until it's time to hunt!