8 Things to Remember When Leading Top Performers


I’ve always tried to spend most of my time analyzing, speaking to, or with people who are top producers in what they do. While their are a ton of tactical takeaways in how they do their work, there is just as much to learn in what great managers and leaders do to help push these folks to continue producing at a peak level. Next time you’re preparing for a quarter review or weekly meeting with one of your top players keep the following in mind:

  • They’ve earned a healthy level of freedom — don’t be afraid to give it to them
  • Whether you like it or not, they likely know more than you about what is really happening in the office and in the field — listen to them
  • They hit expected numbers and quotas in their sleep — make sure they always have highly compensated “push goals” and don’t cap their earnings
  • They are often times your best teachers — keep them involved in the mentorship, training, and development of your team
  • The more time they spend in front of customers the better — take administrative and time consuming tasks off their plate
  • They have big personal goals — understand what they are and make sure they can be achieved by continuing to progress in the company
  • They still value self and professional development — continue to provide them advanced training
  • They produce more than most — don’t take them for granted and never stop thanking them

In most cases, the top 20% produces 80% of the business. You can’t afford to drop the ball in how you manage and lead them.

“Appreciate what you have until it becomes what you had.”

Written by Josh Mastel — Founder, CEO of UpRoar Partners


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