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Monday Checklist to Guarantee Success

We only get 52 weeks in a year to crush our goals and make those vision board magazine cutouts a reality. We can’t afford to waste a single one of them. So, here is a fool proof Monday checklist to live by to guarantee you are staying ahead of the game and the competition. You should be running your life — your life should not be running you.

  1. Don’t touch the snooze — Sometimes good habits take massive action. You probably allowed yourself some extra sleep over the weekend which is fine. But, don’t let that morning “laziness” bleed into your week. Make a commitment to not touch that snooze button on Mondays to reset back to the early morning habit that may have been lost over the weekend.

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How’s Your Referral Game? 4 Steps to Doubling Your Sales

I got some good advice a while back from a fellow business owner. He told me that I should step back at least once a month and really analyze how my company is doing from 10,000 feet. Am I in the right market? Am I attacking the right customers? Am I sticking to my values? What have I learned from the last month? Well, yesterday was one of those days. I spent most of the day reflecting on all the customers that I’m servicing and where they came from. I figured if I can reverse engineer every one of those sales cycles surely I can rinse and repeat to double or triple the business, right? Here is the biggest thing I learned, and probably the best advice I can give to any company or sales person who is looking to increase sales!


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4 Signs That Your Sales Culture Has Rough Waters Ahead

Show me around under the hood of a company’s sales culture, and I’ll tell you exactly how successful (or unsuccessful) they are going to be. Of all that it takes to build a booming Sales Team, there is not a single thing that compares to its CULTURE. “What is Culture?” you ask. Culture is the core personality of an organization. It is that which defines the environment in which employees work, how they behave, and why they do what they do. Here are four easy to detect signs telling you that your Sales Culture is in for some rough waters:

1 — You’re getting average performance out of your team — Without a successful sales team no company can survive.

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