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Enable Others to Lead & Grow

Deb Calvert is the president of People First Productivity Solutions and the Co-Author of Stop Selling And Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen. She is a certified Master of Sales Coach and Master Trainer. There is just nothing this woman does not do. As one of the best sales trainers and sales leadership trainers in the world today, she is full of actionable wisdom. I

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How to Overcome Adversity, Plus Corporate Sales Tips

I recently spoke with Elinor Stutz, bestselling author, speaker and founder of

In a time when women were limited in the sales and business worlds, Elinor launched her career. She has broken barriers to become a top producing salesperson in every company she has worked for.

Eventually, she became a world-renown trainer for sales leaders and a bestselling author on the topic of sales.

Elinor started her sales teaching career after an accident left her diagnosed as paralyzed for life. She used sales techniques and positive thinking to overcome that near disability and heal completely, and she has continued to use advanced sales and psychology tactics to overcome many other obstacles.

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The Top 4 Reasons Why The Best Sales Teams Hire Recent College Grads

You can pick up and read just about any sales book in the world to learn all of the greatest tips and tricks about generating great leads, filling your pipeline, increasing your closing ratio, or developing a great sales process. However, rarely do we hear much talked about when it comes to the absolute most important piece of the sales puzzle — the people you hire.

Without a world class team of salespeople driving that brilliant sales process you created, you just can’t and won’t win. But, beware of one of the biggest mistakes that I see in today’s sales teams — an over-association of talent and previous experience. I hear it all the time — “The best sales people are the ones with proven track records of performing at companies before they joined us.”

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Has the “One on One” Officially Died?

When I was a young sales person I met face to face with my Sales Manager every single Monday morning. We talked about my sales metrics from the previous week, he double checked my documentation in the CRM, we talked about this week’s plan, and he gave me feedback on where I can improve. Most importantly, he asked me where I needed help.

Because I knew Monday morning was coming and good old Kirby (that was my first manager’s name) was going to be in my kitchen, it really helped give me that extra accountability I needed to make sure I did all of the little things. I didn’t cut corners, because I didn’t want Kirby to find out and be disappointed. Eventually, I started just doing the little things right because I started seeing the results and those “little things,” all of a sudden had a ton of value to me.

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Sales People — Top 6 Reasons You are Failing

This probably isn’t the first time you have heard this terrifying, almost never failing statistic, “The top 20% of the salesforce produces 80% of sales.” In every single organization and team that I’ve managed, consulted, or witnessed this statistic has proven true. It’s not a theory, it’s not a myth, and it’s not a tagline to beat down on under producers. It’s simple math.

If you manage a team of 20 salespeople who end up doing $30 million in revenue this year your top 4 salespeople will most likely close about $24 million.

This leaves the other 16 (bottom 80% I call them) only bringing in about $6 million. Over my career the more and more time I spent working with, training, and coaching people who aren’t yet in the top 20% the more I learned about them.

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Monday Checklist to Guarantee Success

We only get 52 weeks in a year to crush our goals and make those vision board magazine cutouts a reality. We can’t afford to waste a single one of them. So, here is a fool proof Monday checklist to live by to guarantee you are staying ahead of the game and the competition. You should be running your life — your life should not be running you.

  1. Don’t touch the snooze — Sometimes good habits take massive action. You probably allowed yourself some extra sleep over the weekend which is fine. But, don’t let that morning “laziness” bleed into your week. Make a commitment to not touch that snooze button on Mondays to reset back to the early morning habit that may have been lost over the weekend.

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How’s Your Referral Game? 4 Steps to Doubling Your Sales

I got some good advice a while back from a fellow business owner. He told me that I should step back at least once a month and really analyze how my company is doing from 10,000 feet. Am I in the right market? Am I attacking the right customers? Am I sticking to my values? What have I learned from the last month? Well, yesterday was one of those days. I spent most of the day reflecting on all the customers that I’m servicing and where they came from. I figured if I can reverse engineer every one of those sales cycles surely I can rinse and repeat to double or triple the business, right? Here is the biggest thing I learned, and probably the best advice I can give to any company or sales person who is looking to increase sales!


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The 5 Myths of How to Compensate Your Sales Team!

I often times find myself in conversations with Business Owners and Sales Leaders on the topic of sales compensation. What’s that perfect balance of commission % that will keep these sales animals salivating at the prospect of bringing home that extra bacon? Why do these sales people seem to still do average work when I’m paying them the base I’m paying them? When I was a sales person early in my career I made peanuts and still worked my tail off — what’s wrong with these kids today? Trust me, I’ve heard it all. Below is an attempt to help you out with some of the myths that you probably believe about the proper way to comp your sale team!

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8 Things to Remember When Leading Top Performers

I’ve always tried to spend most of my time analyzing, speaking to, or with people who are top producers in what they do. While their are a ton of tactical takeaways in how they do their work, there is just as much to learn in what great managers and leaders do to help push these folks to continue producing at a peak level. Next time you’re preparing for a quarter review or weekly meeting with one of your top players keep the following in mind:

  • They’ve earned a healthy level of freedom — don’t be afraid to give it to them

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Stop Selling and Start Solving

I read an article recently that right behind the fear of public speaking and heights, but before spiders, needles, and snakes is the fear of SALES PEOPLE! Yes, you heard that correctly. The average salesperson has gotten so bad and so annoying that people have actually become AFRAID of you.

WHY, you ask? If I had a dollar for every sales person I’ve interviewed who answered my “why do you want to be in sales?” question with, “I’ve just always been a people person” I’d be writing this article on my yacht.

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The Foundation of a Sales Team That Wins!

The market is as competitive as it has ever been, and the demand for our Sales Teams to consistently win is greater than ever. As leaders, one of the most important things you should consistently have a pulse on is whether or not your team’s foundation is strong enough for your team to grow and scale.

Here’s a checklist as a reminder to the foundation of a Sales Team that wins:

Hire To Win

If you can’t attract and hire A Players then you don’t stand a chance to survive out there. Just as great athletes want to play for great coaches and programs, top sales people want to work for great managers and exceptional companies. Now, this does not mean you have to have a world recognized brand or be the largest company in your industry.

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