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Succeeding in Sales in an Ever-Changing World

Tony Hughes is the CEO and Managing Director of RSVPselling and author of multiple books, including COMBO Prospecting. As a best-selling author and award winning blogger, Tony is ranked by Top Sales Magazine as the Most Influential Person in Professional Selling in Asia Pacific.

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Enable Others to Lead & Grow

Deb Calvert is the president of People First Productivity Solutions and the Co-Author of Stop Selling And Start Leading: How to Make Extraordinary Sales Happen. She is a certified Master of Sales Coach and Master Trainer. There is just nothing this woman does not do. As one of the best sales trainers and sales leadership trainers in the world today, she is full of actionable wisdom. I

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Lessons from my mentor, Chris Dale - Sales Management Powerhouse

Everyone stands on the shoulders of the people around them that have shared their wisdom, guidance, and care as we develop. 

I’m no different, and neither is my mentor, Chris Dale, a man who has built and scaled dozens of successful sales teams in the IT staffing world. In this article, I’m going to share the principles and tactics I learned from Chris about

    •    How to quickly identify the intangibles in a sales hire
    •    A trick to find out if your sales candidate is motivated or not
    •    The difference between motivation and inspiration and why you should never motivate people
    •    How to define and understand your job as a sales manager
    •    When to part ways with a struggling salesperson
    •    Perseverance and mindset over matter
    •    How to get out of a personal slump

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The Foundation of a Sales Team That Wins!

The market is as competitive as it has ever been, and the demand for our Sales Teams to consistently win is greater than ever. As leaders, one of the most important things you should consistently have a pulse on is whether or not your team’s foundation is strong enough for your team to grow and scale.

Here’s a checklist as a reminder to the foundation of a Sales Team that wins:

Hire To Win

If you can’t attract and hire A Players then you don’t stand a chance to survive out there. Just as great athletes want to play for great coaches and programs, top sales people want to work for great managers and exceptional companies. Now, this does not mean you have to have a world recognized brand or be the largest company in your industry.

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