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Whether you're a startup or existing business--if you need an entire sales team or just help managing and inspiring your existing sales team--we can help.


Introducing UpRoar Partners

UpRoar Partners is a Sales-as-a-Service company. Sales-as-a-Service means

  • We provide professional, experienced sales management on a fractional payment plan for customers with existing sales teams who need better results or growth.
  • We provide entire outsourced sales departments for growing businesses. We only hire and train US sales professionals and hold them to the highest standards.
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Our Story

Josh Mastel spent the majority of his career in the technology services industry building and scaling large sales teams across the country. His insight and experience from building these teams helped create the system and network we use to create and scale new sales teams for dozens of B2B startups and businesses today. Josh is the Founder and CEO of UpRoar Partners, and together with a team of sales leaders we're helping businesses go-to-market and grow without the usual pains of hiring and scaling on their own. 

We believe that businesses need:

  • a reliable process for finding hungry entry-level salespeople (we've built an exclusive network and process for this with universities across the country)
  • a solid business development plan that takes culture and competition into account (building a Sales Playbook is the first step with every client)
  • regular, high-energy inspiration and accountability with the sales force, whether that's 1 person or 10,000 (we have weekly goal meetings and sales coaches that are available 24/7/365)

As you build and grow your business, we want to build and grow with you. Click the button below to set up a time to chat about your goals and problems, as well as explore the opportunities we can create together.


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