How It Works


Successful sales teams have a lot of moving parts. But don’t stress, we’ve already built all of the components needed for you to win. Now, you can finally take advantage of a high performing sales and/or marketing team as an extension of your business  -- without all the headaches and overhead of building and managing it yourself.  



What We Do



It all starts with the right sales and marketing strategy.  As we learn your product, customers, and prospects our Leadership Team has your back as your Head of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer, guiding and managing our team to execute on your custom plan with efficiency, speed, and quality. This leadership is included with all of our plans.

SALES RESEARCH TEAM: Masters of prospecting the internet, networks, and social channels, the Research Team builds focused, specific target lists composed of your buying personas.  They provide the market and account research needed for the top of funnel sales process to work. This Research Team does the grunt work of finding the targets that your competitors can’t.

BDR (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM): Tasked with the sales development process, the BD Team runs outbound email and social media campaigns to engage your prospects. They are responsible for finding and creating opportunities, making sure you or your Account Executive has the full pipeline they need to close deals. 

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: Responsible for managing deals and the closing process.  The Account Executive is the one who knows the ins and outs of your product the most.  They will be making sales calls, running demos, negotiating contracts, handing off closed deals to the  delivery team, and working with you to assure smooth delivery and retention.

WEB STRATEGIST: Ability to translate your site's business needs into the client-friendly functionality that produces results.  Whether SEO, site optimization, messaging, positioning, chat bots, or design, the Web Strategy Team's job is to make sure your site is a tool for turning traffic into conversations and leads for the sales team to nurture and close.

CONTENT AND DESIGN: Establishing you and your business as the expert in your industry, the Content and Design Team creates beautiful collateral, blog posts, email campaigns, and social ads for the Ad Team to use to drive prospects to engaging with you and your brand, building trust in the buying journey.

AD TEAM: Responsible for driving revenue through the creation and execution of online lead generation and digital marketing campaigns.  The Ad Team figures out your customers' exact buying personas while mapping out their buying journey to build ad campaigns that create leads for your business while you sleep.



This is the magic that bonds it all together.  With the power of technology, the sales team and the marketing team become one.  With the use of a world class CRM, marketing is able to effectively nurture your leads until they are ready to purchase while providing the sales team with the much needed prospect data to shorten the sales cycle .  The CRM manages, tracks, and guides the sales process allowing no prospect or deal to fall through the tracks, while providing deep analytics and reporting for us to make lightning fast pivots when needed. 

Business Development Plan (1).png


Custom sales strategy build

Market research and persona creation

targeted outbound email outreach

targeted linkedin email outreach

weekly activity tracking and reporting

Business Development Plan (5).png


everything from Business Development plan

Assigned Account Executive

Outbound, targeted cold calling

lead qualification, pipeline tracking, deal nurturing, and closing

full crm functionality and build

Business Development Plan (3).png


Everything from outsourced sales plan

custom marketing strategy build

Advanced digital lead generation

Individual marketing services priced upon need

Fully integrated sales and marketing team

*** All plans are on a month to month basis and we guarantee our sales output***


Ready to focus on what you do best and let us handle your sales + marketing?


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