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Everyone wants to be a lion until it’s time to lead the hunt. UpRoar Partners is a Sales as a Service company that provides a painless path to sales success for B2B service companies. From our LevelUP Opportunity Analysis to our BackUP Outsourced Sales, we provide the leadership, management and execution to ignite sales performance. We empower people, process and culture to transform sales departments from the ground-up.

BackUP™ Outsourcing

Is it time to call in the back-ups? We get your sales team firing on all cylinders, so you don’t have to. Our sales-as-a-service offering is designed for B2B service companies looking to outsource their sales, from management to a fully outsourced sales department. We provide sales leadership, coaching, and development, helping clients find their peak (and climb it, too) If you want to hit your sales goals without the stress of overseeing a sales department, let’s talk.


LevelUP™ Opportunity Analysis

Looking for opportunities to grow? Lean-in to our third-party perspective to get the insights and answers you’re after. With our LevelUP package, we work hand-in-hand with your leadership team to root-out opportunities for growth. We review your sales process, strategy, and culture. We get to know each member of your sales team. And we figure out your next move, distilling our vision into actionable opportunities your business can take advantage of, immediately. We’ll also help to future-proof your sales operation, monitoring the ever-changing world of sales to ensure your business is always up-to-date.


RoundUP™ Search and Placement

We take the guesswork out of search and placement, tapping into exclusive networks of fully trained, elite college students with bright sales futures. Working closely with leading athletic programs, collegiate sales curriculums, and world class universities, we provide career services and sales training classes to junior and senior students hungry to compete on another level upon graduation. We find hungry, tenacious and optimistic individuals... men and women looking to sprint into their first career. It's easier to train champions than to retrain talent from your competitors.  UpRoar is always finding, developing and cultivating strong sales people, so they’re ready when you are.


RampUP™ Sales Training Platform

High turnover and slow ramp-up time are the biggest roadblocks to building a successful sales team. So what did we do? We leveraged years of experience training high-performers with our unique sales philosophies to build a video-based sales training program. Best yet, our platform is completely customizable to your company. RampUP delivers role-play based training material that’s fine-tuned to your process and methodology. And you’ll always know who’s learning what, with real-time access into the role play assignments your sales people complete. We take the guesswork out of what’s been taught to your employees. There are thousands of different sales training courses and classes on the market, but none are tailored to your unique sales environment like RampUP.


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