Charlotte Sales Playbook Workshop April 11th, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm (lunch served)

Charlotte Sales Playbook Workshop April 11th, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm (lunch served)

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The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve reached the decision point that all great business owners before you also reached in their time--it’s time to change your approach to sales and take charge of growth.

UpRoar Partners is proud to provide this transformational sales planning workshop for local Charlotte business owners.

Our CEO, Josh Mastel’s experience building and growing effective sales forces for multiple companies has proven his ability and put him in the spotlight as a rising star in the sales management world. His company, UpRoar Partners, creates sales growth for companies through a proven process that starts by building their unique Sales Playbook.

That’s right, this class is guaranteed to deliver results. If you’re unsatisfied, you will get your money back. There is no risk in taking the class, there’s only the opportunity cost of missing out.

We apologize if the class fills up before you have a chance to purchase.

Location: Uptown Charlotte

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Each of the 12 participants of this class will receive:

  • Half-day class with lunch included
  • A customized Sales Playbook created for each individual business represented.  Items the Playbook will cover:
    • Sales team hiring profile, interview questions, and on-boarding strategy
    • New Sales Member orientation and training plan
    • Inbound lead generation strategy
    • New prospect attack plan and KPI activity formula
    • Defined sales and lead nurturing process
    • Specific brand differentiators and closing process
    • Customized Service/Product "Guarantee" to 10x sales
    • Culture definition and scaling plan
  • The plan for sales for the next 12 months
  • A plan for “cloning” yourself by hiring regular people and quickly turning them into winning sales people
  • A path to more free time away from the business while watching it grow
  • Guaranteed to double your sales performance in one year of implementting your customized Sales Playbook

Josh Mastel is a passionate entrepreneur, high energy speaker, golden retriever dad, and forward-thinking expert on the Millennial Generation as a salesforce. He is the Founder and CEO of UpRoar Partners, a Sales-as-a-Service business that is transforming the way B2B organizations execute on their sales strategies in today’s market. Before UpRoar, Josh spent the majority of his career in the technology services industry--building and scaling large sales teams across the country. Josh’s passion for blending proven sales techniques with a modern approach gives him a unique and dynamic perspective on how sales teams can outhunt in today’s competitive landscape