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Breaking Through Barriers with Elinor Stutz

Elinor Stutz is the Founder of as well as a best-selling author and speaker. She Started her career at a time when women were blocked in the sales and business world. She broke through barriers to become a top producing Salesperson in every company she worked for. She eventually became a trainer for sales leaders.

After an accident that left Elinor diagnosed as paralyzed for life, she started her sales teaching career. She used sales techniques and positive thinking to overcome this life changing event as well as many other obstacles. Learn more about Elinor, her success and how to succeed in life in sales in this episode.

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Lessons from My Mentor, Chris Dale - Sales Management Powerhouse

In this first episode of Top Down, I’m interviewing my mentor, Chris Dale, who is a sales management powerhouse as the President of ZP Group. He’s built and scaled massively successful sales teams all over the country, and in this interview he shares his wisdom on finding the intangibles when hiring entry-level salespeople, when to part ways with a struggling salesperson, and how to pull out of a slump personally or with a junior salesperson. Enjoy!

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